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Always looking for a savings and for someone else to help get me the right information, here are a few sites that I just love and you might too!

- - For fellow Publix shoppers, I don’t let a day go by that I don’t check out the basics with Michelle and her team!

- - Krazy savy who knows how to save and make it count!

-  – Great southern folks with some awesome down home savings!  They know sooooo much!

- - Information worth reading.  This was the first website that taught me the basics…then, there was no stopping me!



7 Basic Tips to Coupon Success

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So, as a well seasoned couponer with a nice stockpile stored up, here are some easy tips that I have found super useful…and hopefully you will too!

  1. Try to ONLY buy something when it’s on sale or you have a coupon.  Make this a personal policy and try to stick to it.
  2. ONLY go to the store with a list.  It can be on a sticky note, but arm yourself with something…it will keep you away from temptation
  3. Know what you buy.  Pay attention to your list of 10 or 20 items that you are ALWAYS buying and look for those sales.
  4. Be willing to try something new…especially if it’s free with a coupon!
  5. Use a coupon clipping service to help you stockpile what you need to.
  6. Look at your ad early so you can get your coupons lined up.  There are coupon shopper websites out there that post the sales 1 to 2 days before.  This will give you a heads up and plenty of time to get the coupons together that you need.
  7. And lucky tip #7…Pay it forward – when you buy and you get a good buy, share with your neighbors, a senior or a single mom or dad in the neighborhood, with a local shelter or with a local foodbank.  Pet coupons are great.  Use them for helping feed your local rescue groups.  These days, every little bit helps!  And it comes back to you ten-fold.

Great Publix Coupon Savings This Week!

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Publix Grocery Coupon Savings – 98% Savings

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So many great deals realized this week..I feel like I’ve been shopping in my sleep to make sure that I use all of my coupons before the expiration dates and to make sure that I am getting the extra savings!  My pantry is looking very FULL…and so is my donation box for the local shelter.  The Kotex coupons and canned veggies during Publix’s Italian Days make it impossible for me not to fill up a box and take it to the local woman’s shelter.  Thanks to Publix for taking competitor’s coupons as well as letting me stack a few as well, and I was able to get some wonderful, healthy items for my family…as well as a little indulgence on the Talenti Gelato (it’s yummmmmy!).  Now, I just need to get creative with all of my stocked items… Family Stew anyone?????

Publix Coupon Savings for the Week

Publix Grocery Coupon Savings – 96% Savings

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Ok…it’s early for me, but I wanted to put these savings out there early….so people could see them….and make sure that they had time to get them for themselves too!   This week offered money back on a couple of items AND a great Sweetbay Supermarket coupon too!  Here are some of the biggest savings this week….Now….I just have to spend a little time this weekend rearranging the pantry and the garage…oh….the work is never done! 

  • Classico Pasta Sauce $2.23  Coupons:  Manufacturer coupons $1/1; Manufacturer coupon B2G1 = money back
  • Kotex – on sale for $1.99   Coupons: Publix coupon – $2.00/1; Manufacturer coupon – $1.50/2 = money back
  • Hunt’s Tomatoes – BOGO $1.29 Coupons: Publix coupon – $1/4; Publix coupons $5/20 = 2.90 for 20 (.15 cents each!)

Publix Grocery Coupon Savings for Feb 25

Savings for Pets

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I am always trying to find deals in every place in my life.  Here are some that you might consider  if you have any pets that are on prescription diets or medications.  Hopefully, these suggestions will save you a little money while you love and care for your furry family.

  • If you have pets who are on any Hills Prescription pet food, check out the Hills Science Diet / Prescription Diet website  for special offers and coupons!  There are currently some awesome savings there and you can use them even at your Vet’s office!       Also remember…if you are any other kind of food, check thier websites and sign up for any newsletters. 
  • If your pet is on any kind of regular prescription medicine…visit They offer great prices and will call your vets office to verify the RX can be filled.  My pet has allergy meds that usually cost $36 for 30 pills at the vet’s office….and sometimes, I’m having to fill them twice a month.  On, I can get 120 quantity for less than $33 + free shipping.  It’s worth checking out if you have the need.
  • Also remember….for any pet food, check the website for coupons or newsletters that offer promotions.  And for pet meds….ask your vet if they can recommend anyone online so that you can get the meds a little cheaper (,  It never hurts to ask….even for HeartGuard or flea meds…any meds… It’s worth checking out….I promise.

How do I do Extreme Couponing? 7 Easy Tips to Extreme Coupon Savings

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People that I don’t even know tell me how they want to be an “extreme couponer.” I am sure that it is from the show on TLC, “Extreme Couponing” that aired this last month. I think that some of my savings are definately extreme…but here are some tips on how to get those extreme savings.

  1. Never feel bad about saving money.  This is what an older gentleman said to me when I apoligized for him being the person behind me on one of my super savings trips.  It made me realize that he was right on.  Most people will marvel at your savings. 
  2. Find your Go-To sources.   There are great sources that I use online – like and to keep me informed of the sales and the coupon match-ups.  This makes shopping easy.  Find the websites and sources you like. If you have any, I’d love to see them too. Resources are key…but remember, they may not have all of the coupons listed…so it helps to also combine this with the next point…
  3. Know your coupons.  Find an organization system that works for you.  Here is mine – I have a file with folders dated for each Sunday.  I pick up a couple of papers and drop all of the coupons from the paper into that folder.  Don’t forget that Walgreens, Target, and the Parade magazine sometimes have coupons too that you might find useful.  I ALSO have a small file box with A through Z tabs.  It is here that I file away the peelies that I have or the store coupons that are sitting out.  I also file away any coupons that I get from clipping services too, so that they are easy to find.  For me, I file them away by company name/product name.  I’ve tried it other ways and this just makes it easier.
  4. Get to know your buying trends. Even though it seems that you may be scattered and just buying what looks good or what is on sale at the store, trust me – you do have a buying pattern or a trend list.  For me, I know that there are 8 to 10 items on my shopping list that almost never leave my list.  Some of mine include: Milk, egg substitute, coffee creamer, cheese….Figure yours out and look for those coupons to add to your stock.  Recently there was a $1.50 off of Smart Balance milk in the Sunday paper.  This is a good coupon…so I stocked up on the coupon through a clipping service.  If it goes on sale, I will have cheap milk.  If the store puts out a Publix store coupon, I’ll have free milk or money back and if neither of those things happen in the next few months, then I will have cheaper milk.  Either way, my savings is great for something on my trend list.
  5. Go to the store with a list.  Even if it’s on a sticky note, don’t go to the store unarmed.  This gives you a reminder of what you are there to buy.  Stick to it and it will help you avoid the splurges.
  6. Know your store coupon policy. I know that all the blogs say this, but it is helpful and it bears another mention here.  If you know the policy, you will feel empowered to use your coupons.
  7.  Be patient with yourself.  Your knack and skill for this will get better as you do it.   I promise.  Start thinking about where you are going to put all of your items in your stockpile….because I know that you can do it.  It’s going to happen!

Publix Grocery Savings for Feb 06 – 83% Savings!

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This week, there were great savings on Kraft Singles and Shelby Chicken Chili Mix kits that I couldn’t pass up!  The chili mix kits are an easy go-to when you want something to warm you up or a fun topping to your hot dog and they were a great savings with the $1 peelie off each of the chicken kits!  Who says the State Fair only comes once a year!  Give me a chili-cheese dog please!  And…only another week or so that the Publix store coupons for Kotex and Scott Paper Towels are good…so, I am taking this great opportunity to add $1 Scott jumbo paper towels (a luxury in my house) and .20 cent Kotex tampons and pad products to my stockpile and to the donation box.  The more I see these savings….the more I realize how EVERYONE can live on a budget without sacrificing quality products.  You just have to believe you can do it…I KNOW you can do it.  So..83% savings is pretty good this week.  I wonder if Ican do better next week?  Publix Grocery Shopping Coupon Savings for Feb 06

Publix Grocery Savings for Feb 02 – 79% Savings!

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This weeks sales gave me the opportunity to stock up on some great Morning Star soy products. I am hoping that this BOGO sale will last my family until the next cycle (usually, every 6 months this products goes to BOGO at my Publix). In the least, it gives me a great protein to add to my meals for only $1. The totals were still a 79% savings (give or take a few cents) but I went over my $40 a week budget to make this purchase to do it. I know that I will make up the savings in other weeks….but also know that this kind of savings – to add a great protein for the vegans and semi-vegetarians in my family – is one that I can’t pass up on! Publix Grocery Coupon Savings

ALL YOU Free Magazine anyone???

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All You has great coupons that I am always trying to find. Here is an opportunity from to possibly have a free subscription for a year. They are giving out subscriptions to the first 500, so it’s worth a try and it doesn’t cost you anything!…except maybe your time. Good luck and Happy Savings!

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